Kandy Cakes vanilla cookie recipe is lovingly made with butter, vanilla extract and free range eggs, they contain nothing artificial so you know that you are getting a mouthful of home baked goodness. The gluten free alternative is also made with the same care, and regular flour is replaced with a tried and tested gluten-free alternative.

The cookie cutter collection is an ever expanding one so if you require a size or shape not currently available don't hesitate to make your request and one will either be sourced or a unique stencil created to suit your needs.

The decorating of the cookies is always fun and the colour, design and style options are limited only by your imagination. Extra special finishing touches like edible sugar pearls, glitter and custom writing can also be included to perfect your cookie creation.

If you are after a showpiece, 3D cookie creations can be made to order and these are also available for purchase at Christmas and Easter times to reflect the celebration of the season.



Circles, Squares, Hearts, Stars, Plaque

Girls/Ladies: dress, crown, high heeled shoe, ballet slippers, butterfly, daisy, teapot

Hens/Wedding: Heart, dress, high heeled shoe, crown

Baby: Pram, foot, bottle, rocking horse, romper

Boys/Men: Dinosaurs (t-rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, brontosaurus) plane, car, hammer, saw, tie, footy

Easter: Bunny, chick, easter egg

Christmas: Reindeer, Christmas tree, Gingerbread man, bell, candy cane

Other: snowflake, bird, 3D teddy face, house, cactus, Australia, heart/diamond/spade/club, autumn leaves, mushroom, award ribbon

Numbers & Letters

Decorative Finishes:

Piping, stencilling, embossing, patchwork, painting, edible lace

Pictured: Christmas Cookie Place Cards

cookie place cards 5cm wide